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Dublin: a visit of Botanic Gardens

Today I will take you with me to a more remote part of Dublin where Botanic Gardens are located. As usual this article will be full of photos and interesting information.

Dublin Botanic Gardens are located in North Dublin, approx. 5 km from city centre. If you ever decide to visit these gardens then know that you can either walk (that takes about one hour) or take a bus – lines 4, 9, 13 and 155 leave quite frequently from O’Connell Street. The entrance to these gardens is free of charge.

I feel like there is a story behind this sign.

These gardens were founded back in 1795, the current size is about 20 acres and this is Irish headquarters for Botanic Gardens. Apart from this one in Glasnevin, Dublin, there is an another one in County Wicklow (which was founded in the beginning of 18th century).

So what can you see in the Dublin Botanic Gardens? Plants. Ha ha ha. A couple of greenhouses with palm trees, cacti (how is this plural from cactus!?), orchids. I believe there is more of them but one part of the gardens was being re-built during my visit plus I just didn’t manage to walk through the whole gardens in three hours. An Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein used to come to write in the palm tree greenhouse in the end of 50s. There are stairs with a sign to mark the place he used to sat on.

Apart from the greenhouses the gardens more resemble a park. There is a rose garden on one end and a summer-house on another. There are a couple of statues around the gardens too – Socrates for example. For all nature lovers I have one more exciting fact to share – there is a College of Amenity Horticulture. What an amazing place to study!

This was my first visit of Botanic Gardens here in Ireland and I enjoyed myself a lot. Although I don’t know much about nature and plants I will definitely be coming back as it was pretty quiet place (despite all the kiddos) and it’s located in my favorite part of Dublin, too.