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    Terez advises on photography: about smartphones for beginners

    In the first part of the new series for beginner photographers, I will focus only on phones and show you what you can get from your phone. Okay, you have a phone and a camera in it. Of course, you’ve used it in the past to photograph lunch or dinner or sunset, but somehow those shots didn’t turn out quite well. So let’s take a look together at how to improve the final photo so it’s not just your mom liking the shot on Instagram. First of all, I would recommend finding out how many MPx your camera has and how many lenses. The lenses are the glass wheels on…

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    Photo Corner: Meet my… new camera

    In this article, I will reveal how I got into photography. At the same time, I will introduce you to my new SLR and its predecessor and explain why I chose this particular model and what I like about it so far and what I have to work on. If you are not interested in how I got into photography and you want to skip to the main topic, then choose one of the options below:My new toyWhich models made it to my list and under which criteria I chose the winner?How am I satifisfied with 90D nowadays? Photography has been my hobby for eight years. I bought my first…