About Me


welcome to my blog Česky kolem Irska (In Czech around Ireland). After seven years living in Southern part of Ireland, the oldest Irish city Waterford, after tireless posts on my private Facebook profile and InstaStories, I have decided to create a blog to share all these moments with you – travelling, concerts, lifestyle.

This isn’t a typical blog – don’t expect any exercise tips, mum’s tricks or anything similar as you otherwise end up disappointed. This year I’d like to return to my favorite places in Ireland and visit those I haven’t been to yet (Yeah, looking at you, Belfast). Obviously I’d like to take you with me. In the same time I’m going to some cool gigs (there are always gigs in my life) and who knows what else 2018 will bring. Apart from concert, travel and lifestyle experience you can look forward to some music tips (surprisingly you will find them below some particular articles – keep your eyes open, lads!).

I’m not going to post regularly, so I recommend to subscribe or follow my Facebook page so you’re always up to date!

 – Terez (2018)