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Photo post: Sturgeon moon in August 2022

I’m catching up on last year’s photo shoots! Last summer, I joined the trend of almost all photographers and enthusiasts and decided to try to photograph the expected full moon.

You must have watched it too, or at least later seen photos on the Internet. So you know the moon really showed off. I probably don’t have many photos with the wow effect, but I think they will pass for the first test. Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments 🙂

I first went to Tramore on Thursday, where I wanted to photograph the sunset (it didn’t work out, I arrived late) and then the moonrise. What I forgot was that it is at least half an hour’s walk from the beginning of the beach to the dunes. So at least I took a picture of the silhouette of Tramore in the setting sun and the rising moon on the way back.

I spent the next night on the waterfront in Waterford, where at first it looked like a long night because there was a cloud on the horizon, but then the moon rose beautifully over the river and was colored orange. It would be more cool if it was above the city, but that will have to wait for another time of year.

As well as the moon, I also took photos of the Waterford waterfront and its reflection in the river that night – the first photo is the cover photo and you can see the second one in the second photo selection in this post.