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    Live: Reneé Rapp in Dublin

    Pop sensation Reneé Rapp brought her tour to Dublin in March and I was lucky enough to go. Here are my experiences and photos! I came across Reneé a few years ago in a series. But most of the population will know her as Regina George in the remake of Mean Girls. Either way, Reneé is not only an actress but also a singer. About two years ago, she released her first EP, Everything to Everyone, and less than a year later, her debut album, Snow Angel. And it was with that album she embarked on the Snow Hard Feelings tour of America and Europe. The Dublin show took place…

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    Live: Alessandra in Dublin

    In February, I kicked off my concert season – four different concerts were waiting for me. As you already know, I had Cornelia Jakobs and another Eurovision artist who came to Dublin to perform was the Norwegian representative Alessandra. Alessandra conquered Europe and TikTok with her song Queen of Kings. And in the Eurovision final last May, she placed fifth. Then when she announced the tour, I knew I wanted to go. The concert took place at The Academy and I went to it with a friend. We were a little disappointed because in the summer the promoter announced that the concert was sold out and was moving to the…

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    Live: Cornelia Jakobs at Dublin

    At the beginning of the month, I had the opportunity to experience the Swedish singer Cornelia Jakobs live for the first time at the Worksman venue in Dublin. I also had my concert camera with me, so I really have not only experiences for you, but also visuals. If the name Cornelia Jakobs sounds familiar to you, then you probably watch Eurovision. Cornelia represented Sweden in 2022 with the power ballad Hold Me Closer. Sweden placed fourth overall that year. If you read my blog, you know that I love Eurovision and Hold Me Closer is one of my favorite songs from the 2022 edition. It was also the reason…

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    Live: Måneskin at Dublin

    After two and a half years since their iconic Eurovision win, I finally got the chance – Italian rockers Måneskin came to Dublin. How did the concert go and did it live up to my expectations? You will find out in the article. The band caught my attention right away during Eurovision 2021 with their competition song Zitti e Buoni. It was something unconventional (within Eurovision from recent years) and fresh. I still remember the first time my friends and I listened to this song and debated whether we liked it. Within a few days we were all “hooked” and when Måneskin won the whole competition, we were all over…

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    Live: Go_A almost demolished Opium Live in Dublin

    Concert articles are back yay! Come with me to see how the concert of the Ukrainian band Go_A, which you may remember from Eurovision 2021 with the hit Shum, went on. Who are Go_A? The four-piece band hails from different corners of Ukraine and categorizes themselves as a Ukrainian electro folk band, and that’s exactly what you can expect from their music. If you follow Eurovision, then you heard Go_A for the first time in 2020 with the song Solovey, with which they were supposed to represent Ukraine at Eurovision. However, the ESC was not held that year due to covid. The following year, the group came out with the…

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    Tegan and Sara live in Dublin 2017

    So this was a concert I decided on just because I could. I’ve known Tegan and Sara for a while at that time, but I hadn’t really listened to them. But then I got fascinated by their studio album Love You to Death and when I saw that they were coming to Dublin, I couldn’t miss them. It’s been four years since the concert, but certain moments just stuck in my head. Trump was elected President of the United States a few months earlier, and the girls commented on that (they are Canadian and against Trump and his ideologies) in a rather funny and hopeful way. At the same time,…

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    Live: How Anastacia changed my concerts' standards

    This time it is a real throwback, because Anastacia’s concert took place in May 2016. I decided to share with this old experience, because those photos have never seen the light and I now have a non-existent concert life boohoo me. If you cannot portrait me as a fan of Anastasia, you’re more or less right. In the days of her greatest glory, sometime at the beginning of the new millennium, I could not stand her. Not because of her character, but I couldn’t stand her voice and all her singles played on the radio 24/7 not to mention that she was simply driving me up the wall. So why…

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    Live: Marina shone in the Olympia Theatre

    British pop diva Marina visited Dublin last year as part of the Love + Fear tour. After all, as with her every tour (Ellie Goulding who?). Of course, I couldn’t miss the show, especially when I was so excited about her last record. I remember Marina sometime from 2010 (?) with the hit Primadonna Girl. But I never followed her career until last year, when I bumped onto the pilot single Handmade Heaven for the upcoming record on Spotify. The song was a completely different experience. I don’t even know why I pressed the play button, but the song immediately interested me. Pop elements gone, ballad, exaltation. Beauty. No wonder…

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    Live: Dermot Kennedy in pre-Christmas Dublin

    I had a very special Christmas last year – a day before Christmas Eve me and my mum went to a concert of an Irish singer songwriter Dermot Kennedy. I’ve been keeping an eye on Dermot for over two years since Moments Passed started playing on the radio. It was quite a production on the Irish music scene back at that time. I wanted to see him in May, but he only played at the Olympia Theater and even though it was three evenings in a row, he sold out all three of them. In the end I was glad, because it was also a Eurovision time and the year…

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    Live: Sigrid got the 3 arena moving

    The Norwegian pop princess has been on my concert bucket list since Strangers single. Sigrid has played in Ireland several times, but it was either in the middle of nowhere or in a sold out club. I have to admit that I bought the ticket for her 3 Arena concert sometime in the summer – long after this stop was announced. Well, I’m not going to bore you with the details, however before I melt over the gig, I just want to remind you that Sigrid released Sucker Punch in March and it’s pretty good. I think everyone can find something to relate to on that record. Oh and the…