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    Photo corner: London during Fall 2022

    Well, not visiting London is like not travelling at all. I don’t fly there that often, but in 2022 I was there twice and in the fall I purposely stayed longer so that I could take pictures of this iconic English city. I flew there in mid-November for the Within Temptation and Evanescence concert. Yes, the two bands played a concert together at The O2 and it was a blast. I was not in London alone, but with a friend. We stayed at the Good Hotel just outside Greenwich (the black little building on the left in the photo below). The hotel was pretty good, but I probably wouldn’t stay…

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    In Switzerland for the 1st time: How did I prepare for the trip

    I am currently planning my vacation in Switzerland (I started writing the article in the summer of 2023) and in addition to the classic things like what to see where, I realized that there are also quite a few things that one should be careful about before departure. In this article I will use Switzerland as an example, but of course all the points can be applied to other countries as well. I’m going to try not to write a novel, think of this as a list of things to check – Google has more info 🙂 1. Electrical plugs Most of Europe has the same plugs as we know…

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    In Switzerland for the 1st time: One day in Lauterbrunnen

    Arriving in Interlaken naturally meant trips to the Swiss Alps. I had two stops planned – the first was Lauterbrunnen, known to everyone on socials. Lauterbrunnen has become famous on social media for short videos from the heart of the village that take in local buildings with hills and waterfalls. Of course, it all looks like something from a fairy tale, and you think that if you’re ever in Switzerland, you definitely have to go there too. Or at least that’s what I told myself and added Lauterbrunnen to the itinerary. Originally, I had planned to visit this village in the valley of waterfalls only on Friday and save Thursday…

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    Weekends on the move: 200 years of The Metalman in Tramore

    At the last moment, I am looking back at the trips this year. This time I’m taking you to Metalman in Tramore – an unofficial vantage point over the cliffs of the Celtic Sea. If you ever visit Waterford, the locals will surely tell you that you just have to go to Tramore. Tramore is a small town right by the Celtic Sea, where not only locals like to go. You will find a very nice view here, but mainly a large beach, along which you can walk or get wet in the sea. More about Tramore in one of my first articles. By the way, the so-called Metalman is…

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    In Switzerland for the 1st time: two days in Interlaken

    It wouldn’t be a holiday in Switzerland if I didn’t also go to the mountains! The next stop after the beautiful Swiss cities was Interlaken, popular with tourists, not far from the Swiss Alps! Interlaken served as my second base. Here I booked a hotel and planned day trips. If you ever think about a trip to Switzerland and want to see the cities and the nature, I cannot recommend Interlaken more highly. The town is located 2 hours by train from Zurich and about half an hour by train from the Alps themselves! The town itself is very nice and has a lot to offer. I was in Interlaken…

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    In Switzerland for the 1st time: Is Swiss vacation really that expensive?

    We all know that Switzerland is said to be expensive. And a lot of people skip this beautiful country just because of that. Normally I don’t post anywhere how much my trips cost me, but I decided to make an exception for Switzerland. So is it really that expensive in Switzerland? In this article I will share how much I paid for both hotels, flights, transportation and food/souvenirs. I will compare all amounts to Ireland/Euros. Unfortunately, I can’t compare with the Czech Republic, because I haven’t been there for a long time and I don’t have an overview of how much it costs. No, I won’t tell you how much…

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    Photo corner: Kilkenny town during a heatwave

    I’m just saving the photos here from last year’s visit to Kilkenny at the end of August. Some of them still look great even after one-ish year, so I’m glad they turned out so well, because the sun wasn’t really shy that day. You could see most of the photos on my Instagram, but if the algorithm didn’t show them to you… I wrote about Kilkenny two years ago, if you don’t know which town it is – the article is here. There is a mishmash of everything – from the castle, street photos, nature and even street art. Enjoy! We are starting with the castle of course… …then let’s…

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    In Switzerland for the 1st time: one day in Lugano

    Today I will excitedly take you with me to the Italian part of Switzerland, to be more precise to the town of Lugano. It is located on the border with the Italy and you can really tell! Why Lugano? When I decided to spend my vacation in Switzerland, I also looked at the possibilities of visiting neighboring countries. One stop was Milan, but in the end I decided not to go and just enjoy Switzerland properly. It was great that I found Lugano, which can be reached in 3 hours by train from Zurich – and without changing! In addition to the beautiful views of the lake “Lago di Lugano“,…

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    In Switzerland for the 1st time: one day in Zurich

    It wouldn’t be a trip to Switzerland if I didn’t stop in Zurich. As you already know, Zurich was my “base” for a few days, so I had more than one day in the city and could get to know it better. And that there was a lot to see! I arrived in Zurich on Friday night. From the airport I took the train to HB (the main train station in the city). I had a hotel right across the river. Initially, I thought it would be quite simple to find my way, but in the end I had to connect to the local WiFi (which was actually a good…

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    Photo corner: Christmas in the Irish oldest city, Waterford

    Only this year I realized that I have never really showed you Christmas in Waterford and especially our Winterval festival. So let’s do it! I will have a few photos here from the past years, but also from this year, when I focused more on details and on new points of view (after all, how many times can one take a photo of the same building to make it interesting every time?). All photos are taken over the last 4 years with my DSLR camera. The first two years I shot with my 18-135mm, last year and this year it is a mix of the aforementioned lens and 50mm. Winterval…