• Po sedmi letech v Praze
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    This is my story about returning to Prague for a weekend after nearly seven years

    Last November I started my eight year in Ireland. At the end of October, after nearly seven years (I visited my country when to finish my high school), I traveled back to Czech Republic. To be exact, I traveled only to Prague and for four days only. Of course I chose the weekend when my country celebrated 100 years since it was founded (technically, Czechoslovakia but details, right?). Alright, I didn’t choose this weekend on purpose. I had another gig (and no heart to reproach that to them). It doesn’t really matter where I was and what I was doing (yes, some details are below) but how I was feeling.…

  • Tramore
    Ireland,  Travelog

    Tramore: a seaside gem in Southern Ireland

    Woohoo finally it’s here – I’ll finally show you a part of the County I live in. Finally an article about real Ireland! Tramore is a small seaside village approx. 30 minutes by bus (They’ve added new cool double-deckers on this line – the two floor buses ala England) where the biggest attraction is a beach. Although, it’s barely used for sunbathing (unless there’s a heatwave in Ireland but that happens unfortunately once in a while). Not only because of our fantastic weather all year round (Why the hell is this part of Ireland called Sunny South East!?) but locals simply prefer ride the horses, walk the dogs and surf…

  • Garmisch Partenkirchen

    The journey to Bavaria part two: natural beauty of Garmisch-Partenkirchen

    The second Bavarian stop was a picturesque village just by the Alps on the border of Germany and Austria, Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Actuallythose are two villages which were forced to become one by Hitler so the Olympics of 1936 could have take a place here. Originally my weather app was forecasting sunny warm day all day long. The reality in the end however was a quite different – fog everywhere. Luckily the fog was scattering as the clocks kept moving towards afternoon. I wasn’t exactly warm though but still hungry for a new adventure. As you already know I always google every place before actually travelling there to make some sort of…

  • podzim v mnichove

    The journey to Bavaria part one: beautiful Munich in a one day

    My mum has been always joking that I was born in the car since I love traveling that much. When I was a kid she couldn’t tell me beforehand that we were going somewhere otherwise I hadn’t slept all night. Like the time I went on a school trip abroad, we spent twenty four hours in the bus and guess who hasn’t slept at all because everything outside was new and fascinating and still is. I’ve been told that I’m good anyway to just book away the holidays and go. Maybe I am. What do I know. Behind all the stories and new places is countless insomnia and anxiety. I…

  • cobh ireland
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    Ahoi, Titanic!

    Apart from lots of green and Cliffs of Moher, Ireland offers a lot of interesting history too. Today I’d like to take you to Cobh, or as it used to be called – Queenstown. Sounds familiar? Yup, that’s the last Titanic stop. Cobh is a tiny village approx. 20 minutes by train from Cork. This places feeds itself through tourism, but to be quite honest I couldn’t imagine to live here as I had a feeling there is simply nothing. On the other hand if the accommodation is cheap, you can just jump on the train and be in Cork soon. A bit of history about this place – Cobh’s…

  • Gigs and Cons,  Travelog

    30 Seconds to Mars in Dublin + night shots of Dublin

    So I will have to start this article a bit differently from its Czech version because I owe you an explanation first. Basically in my country there is an online music magazine called musicserver. This magazine is read by people a lot and pretty well-known yet they keep criticizing like literally any artist – foreign or Czech. That’s why I don’t like them, it makes them look like a group of music losers. So what does this musicserver has to do with 30 Seconds to Mars? Basically the band played a gig in Prague back in April and musicserver wrote a gig review about them. I don’t read gig reviews.…