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Photo corner: London during Fall 2022

Well, not visiting London is like not travelling at all. I don’t fly there that often, but in 2022 I was there twice and in the fall I purposely stayed longer so that I could take pictures of this iconic English city.

I flew there in mid-November for the Within Temptation and Evanescence concert. Yes, the two bands played a concert together at The O2 and it was a blast. I was not in London alone, but with a friend. We stayed at the Good Hotel just outside Greenwich (the black little building on the left in the photo below).

The hotel was pretty good, but I probably wouldn’t stay there again. However, the location was great, because one of London’s airports is right next door, and I spent my free time watching airplanes up close. There is also a cable car from this hotel to The O2 in Greenwich which we also tried on the day of the gig and it was amazing!

I spent 5 days in London, from Friday to Tuesday. The concert was on Monday, on Saturday I met a friend who lives in the UK and we walked around the Thames together and I took pictures (rip our legs). On Sunday I chilled with a friend, on Monday I spent the afternoon at the Royal Victoria Dock Footbridge and photographed planes landing at London City Airport. I spent the same afternoon right next to the cable car, because the sunset was incredible. I then flew home on Tuesday.

I remember making a list of places I wanted to go to in London and photograph them, and I managed something, but honestly, I would probably have to move to London for at least a month to photograph every nook and cranny.

Here are some photos around the Thames that I still enjoy.

Of course, there are also a few touristy ones.

I spent a lot of time around Duchess Walk. If you’re ever in London and want an iconic photo of Tower Bridge, this is the best lane. From there I also photographed the iconic The Shard with the English red brick houses in the foreground.

Then there’s the fog and watching the planes from the bridge not far from our hotel.

And finally my favorite sunset ever:

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