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Three things I learned this year

Okay, I don’t think I’m a life coach or anything. Maybe I’m not even old enough to write an article like this. Yet here I am writing it, writing it for my future self when I’m going to feel stuck again, hopeless, on the bottom. I’m writing this for anyone who feels that way these days because maybe you realize some things.

The article headline smells like a good clickbait that’s why I decided that I won’t follow any lifestyle magazines and will try to write down a few actual examples with each item discussed.

Stand Your Ground (and don’t be afraid to change the direction or opinion)
Principles. Opinions. People. In reality? When I quit my job four months ago I really didn’t have a proper idea of what I wanted to do but it slowly came to my mind. And I’ve been holding onto that idea quite firmly since then. Okay, maybe I don’t have a proper job yet, but I’ve been feeling a lot better, I get to breathe better and the only reason why I have troubles sleeping is because I’ve done barely nothing during the day so I’m not really tired. An amazing feeling.
When it comes to opinion – obviously it depends on the context and each opinion. However I do believe that a human should evolve and shouldn’t stand by their opinions way too stubbornly – compromise is the way and don’t forget to be open minded!
People. One of the most important things in our lives. Be here for your friends, family and acquaintances. Do something extra for them, buy them a little gift just because, support their journey towards their dreams or make the time for them when they ask. Why? Because when you once again hit the bottom, having a life crisis for a hundred and twenty times it’s going to be them who’s gonna offer a shoulder to cry on, who’s going to kick your ass so you get up and chase your dreams.

Mental Health
A topic which is kinda stopping to be taboo in our society. For many, depression and anxiety is a sign of weakness, we’re supposed to suck it up because all the previous generations made it so why won’t we? Perhaps it may be by the way the world and society keeps changing rapidly, by the amount of pressure on us. To be better, more beautiful, smarter. To compete with each other. I can’t. I don’t know how. My mental health isn’t exactly a strong one – depression takes its toll. That was also one of the reasons I quit my job. It was either the job or to become completely nuts full-time. I’d like to have some more fun on our beautiful planet so I had sacrificed the first one.
Of course it depends on each of you individually – my trigger was the job and some toxic people whom I said bye this year or haven’t let them into my life at all. It’s good to clean your life like this from time to time – it’s not going to cure your depression but you’d be able to breathe better at least and your head will clean so you’d be able to think more clearly without the annoying fog lying on your mind. And that feels so damn good.

Don’t stand still. Baby steps – basically follow your dreams
You have heard something similar million times already and you may be asking what the hell does that even mean!? I never knew what I wanted to be when I grow up and I’ve been changing my mind like socks every day (also shout out to everyone who knew their career since pre-school, they followed their dream and are working in their dream sector!). Somehow until this year I thought that I get things just by talking about them without actually pursuing said things. Yep, my second name is naive and dumb af. Well I guess that one of the bulbs in my mind lit up ’cause I did some online courses and started to be actively involved in things I wanted to pursue (photography and digital marketing). I have also got involved in some great projects and nowadays, twelve months later, I have a feeling that I’ve moved a lot in my life, like never before.
I wouldn’t have said that any of the decisions I made was a big one (except quitting the job) – those were all baby steps and in fact I had to literally mention them to my friends otherwise they’d go around unnoticed. When I quit my job this year I already had two courses done and was about to start a third one. At the same time I volunteered at a local international street art festival and all of that opened another door for me – I’m helping them out with social media these days. Also without all of that I wouldn’t have found a new job. As physics say – there’s no reaction without an action (not entirely true – I’m looking at all of you, unanswered emails with my CV). Baby steps make great impact. And no, no need to be working like crazy. Breaks are important, so is sleep and you can still move on your path.

It’s not easy to follow your dreams when you don’t know what you want or you feel like a piece of shit. Take a rest. Write down even the most crazy ideas. Believe it because it can become real. Look around you. How many people are living their dreams and you will be the next one. Here to the happy life.

I will also add some motivational songs which helps me to keep moving and don’t stop. Fight for what I want and believe in. So try it, at least for a month and then you’ll notice how things are finally moving around you.

Also if you made it here then I want to thank you for reading the whole article and I hope that the article has given you something and you didn’t find it totally cringe. If so, then maybe next time stick to Travelog.

Mania is one of the best albums this year. And Champion has always got my back.
The Score is another band with great and motivational songs – check out their Atlas album (only available in digital format).
Atlas contains lots of great songs so I’m adding one more and I believe that one of them will kick your ass the right direction.
Throwback to the latest Lara Croft – it’s a Destiny’s Child cover however a pretty energetic.
I’ve discovered this lady recently – together with 2WEI their music is used quite a lot in video games. This song itself might not be the most motivational by lyrics but it sounds energetic.
Sigrid can’t be missing from the playlist – when someone makes you angry this is the perfect song!
Avicii was God of EDM
A motivational playlist without Kesha is no motivational playlist. The whole Rainbow album is worth to listen to.
Same applies to Kelly. If nothing then at least read the comments below the video.
Oh where would we be without Dan and his group?
Alice Merton – pretty please remember this name unless you’ve heard of her already of course.