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What to do when you have lots of time and no friends around?

Life is hard. We all know that. We also know that timing is usually bad. You decide to take a break in career to study and spend more time with your friends. All of this while the friends announce their own plans – outside of your town and country. God, what now?

  • Go to the cinema. The chances are you will all by yourself in the screen and will be able to sit on those super expensive but super comfy chairs on the top.
  • Travel. You managed to go to the cinema alone, so travelling is the next step. Plus with current technology you don’t even need a photo partner – just use a selfie mode and a tripod!
  • Create a blog and write about your travel adventures. Don’t forget to let your online friends know.
  • Traveling on your own is actually pretty badass. When you’re a part of a group you don’t get to know a total stranger. And you never know where this new connection can lead to (Hint: if it’s into their car then run away!).
  • Finish the game you’ve been playing for ages. Or download Pokemon Go and you get both – a cardio and a fun!
  • Binge-watch all The Simpsons.
  • Sleep.
  • Visit local museums, galleries and exhibitions. The ones free of charge of course.
  • Join a local project as a volunteer.
  • Start a brand new hobby – play a musical instrument, reading or photography. Watching your neighbors from the window (of your own house, stalker!) can be fun too.
  • When you start reading you better get off your ass and visit a local library.
  • So managed to go to the cinema and travel on your own – next step are gigs. Either local bands or big stars. You might bump into your new friends. From flesh and blood.
  • Learn how to cook. If you know how to cook already, congrats – that’s a new category for your blog!
  • Swipe on Tinder to find some new friends and invite them over for a meal. Which you will cook of course.