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Sometimes all you need is to find money. Three times. Per a month.

This Sunday was supposed to be like any other Sunday. Except me and my friend went to see a local Harvest festival and I don’t need to get up to work tomorrow. Ha.

The festival was grand, basically the same as every year – lots of food stalls, lots of people and kids (I’m suspicious that all of them arrived to Waterford just to annoy me with their overcrowded presence). 

The part I’ve enjoyed the most was the farm animals corner – some horses, pigs, sheep and a cow. There was one girl who excitedly screamed “Mom! Mom, look! There is a cow! A COW!” I mean okay .. We even got to see a turtle and some wild birds as well as an owl. That made me realize that Irish kids probably don’t kill some time in a local park with all these birds instead of sitting in their school. Well, their problem.

Mom! Mom, look! There is a cow! A COW!

one girl by an alive and totally bored cow

After the festival we went back to my friend’s place to watch To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. This move reminded me of 10 things I hate about you, but it was a kinda nice movie.

Positive vibes were vibrating through me on my way home along with my playlist (yeah Imma share some of my favorites below). As I was thinking about God knows what this folded colorful paper touched my shoes – look a €10 note! Ehm this “I’ve accidentally found some money on the ground” has happened for the third time in the past month.. Guinness World Book? (Even though I don’t think I’ll ever top the €100 I found last year on New Year’s Day .. oh hello, Play Station).

The photos are deformed by Gutenberg so go ahead and click on them to get the best quality 🙂 

Me: That’s enough, universe. I said a person A a not a person who even has no letter.
Universe: Here, have some money instead.

Sometimes I have a feeling that universe makes a fun of me. Like a lot. A lot lot. Recently that feeling faded a bit but its sense is still around (like when you’re waiting for a message from a particular person but instead you get a message from a person you even forgot existed in a first place).

Well, on the other hand, a nice €10 banknote can make the day. As far as I remember every time I found money underneath my nose, the actual money was the last thing I was thinking about and I was definitely in a good mood .. *cough*just casually throwing the manual here*cough*.

In the end of the day it’s not about the money. Of course, money makes life easier, that’s without a doubt. We can buy stuff our soul is craving for and adventures to survive another day in work and so. Wouldn’t be better to find a place on Earth where we’d feel good without running away from reality? Find our own little reality on this planet (Unless you work for NASA. Why is my default feeling that it’s better out there?). Yes, please money come to us, let’s find some change on the ground but also let’s care about ourselves not only around these tiny moments of happiness which comes unexpectedly. Let’s build them instead.

Okay, the beginning is Dua Lipa and we’ve heard the chorus somewhere else already but still a great song (BTW this is the money song)
LP is the best – can’t recommend enough!