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I got my first guitar ever!

This year I have finally decided to let the dream come true. I bought myself a guitar. No, I don’t know how to play a guitar. That’s the whole point.

To make it clear, I’ve always wanted to know how to play guitar, however I have never gotten the chance somehow. A few years ago I noticed that Lidl sells musical instruments as well, so naturally I was telling myself every year that I’ll wait for the next time they have the guitar for €50. Well, last time I said that to myself just before Christmas and they haven’t had them since then..

Plan B it is – to get a second handed guitar

The Plan B was established – to get a second handed guitar possibly cheap af too. Well, it was a beginning of August and I was scrolling down the Marketplace on Facebook. I have never used this technology before (I’m referring to Marketplace, got Facebook for ages .. no shit, Sherlock).

So, if you are thinking of getting a musical instrument from a second hand and in Ireland, behold (I lived all of these for you):

  1. Half six actually doesn’t mean half six but half eight and in the end the seller will wait for you.
  2. The nearest ATM will be conveniently out of service and you will have to sprint to the city centre. Luckily you will find it out before half six. On the other hand you have no clue the seller will be delayed two hours so you sprint like Usain Bolt at Olympics.
  3. Just because the seller’s Facebook says John it doesn’t mean his real life name is John. But I mean as long as he brings the guitar and doesn’t drag you into the nearest bush ..
  4. If you decide to bargain, because the unbelievably cheap guitar is still too expensive for you just mention word “budget”. It’s game changing.
  5. The musical instrument will be probably totally out of tune, but because it’s your first and you know as much about music as Donald Trump about politics you won’t even notice (This is my public thank you to my brother who noticed and my mum for tuning in the guitar).
  6. If you got yourself a string instrument there’s a chance you will also change the strings for the first time. Don’t worry there’s plenty of tutorials on YouTube. Oh, and apparently a guitar can have three nylon strings and three steel strings .. just so you know.
  7. Of course you’ll get the new instrument on Friday evening with a completely different plans for Saturday and the only music store in town is closed on Sunday. Also you work full time Monday to Friday .. so ehm, next week I guess.
jim carrey lol GIF
You really think that buying a music instrument can be done quite easily? Ha. Ha. Ha.
BTW I love Truman Show <3

Okay, I had to wait a full week but on the way to the music store I found €5 and a set of string cost me €7 so who’s the winner here? (I’d like to also suggest you to read one of my previous articles about how finding money on the ground three times within a month is a great therapy).

Laugh away on my changing the strings skills..

Well now you are probably wondering how my first play on the guitar went and how the whole “let’s learn how to play a guitar” goes for me. Do you remember when I mention that buying a musical instrument doesn’t happen easily? So listen, kids (also this is how my first time with guitar went):

glitch man GIF
I love B99!

Okay, to summarize it – I have a guitar, tuned guitar and changed strings (kinda). It would be a shame if something f*cked up .. A week after I changed the strings the guitar broke down. Itself. Late at night. One week after the change of strings and smashing the guitar Jake Peralta style.

The betrayal!

So I wrote back to the guy as I knew he was also fixing musical instruments and he collected the guitar from me the same day. After three days I knew Carol isn’t coming back. How? I found another €5 on the ground (Will you read the article now?). I didn’t have to invest the money in the end as the guy sold me another guitar and the €5 made no difference for me in the end (I’m keeping the money for EuroMillions I will win one day *insert another laughing Truman .gif*).

Behold, Carol II.

Carol II. seems to be alright since I got her (knock knock knock) so we practice once per two weeks through Yousician which is a great app if you are learning how to play a guitar or a ukulele.

Alright, I know that playing once every two weeks is a mentally long break but I’d like to see your motivated, concentrated and patient ass.

This article is written in a sarcastic way but the “buy” day was fun and the guy was grand too. And I like Carol II. better #sorrynotsorry

Here, have a selfie of me and Carol I. because I’m secretly a narcissist
The original Czech article is named after this song which is an old Czech love song about how guy got a guitar to impress a girl ..