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Live: Alessandra in Dublin

In February, I kicked off my concert season – four different concerts were waiting for me. As you already know, I had Cornelia Jakobs and another Eurovision artist who came to Dublin to perform was the Norwegian representative Alessandra.

Alessandra conquered Europe and TikTok with her song Queen of Kings. And in the Eurovision final last May, she placed fifth. Then when she announced the tour, I knew I wanted to go. The concert took place at The Academy and I went to it with a friend.

We were a little disappointed because in the summer the promoter announced that the concert was sold out and was moving to the main hall in this club, however, when we arrived at the venue, we found out that the concert would be held in the so-called Green Room. Which is another of the halls in this venue. I’ve never been to a concert there before, but I noticed right away that the stage is quite low and Alessandra is about one and a half meters tall.

They started letting people into the club at seven and Alessandra came on stage around nine thirty. She didn’t have a support act. The club was quite full and unfortunately there were too many tall people standing in front of us (petition for tall people to stand only at the back at such smaller concerts!!!). My friend is tall, so maybe she saw something. Sometimes I had to stand on tiptoes. However, people standing near the stage had an indescribable experience when the singer moved into the audience to sing Mama I’m Sorry.

Ok, but what about Alessandra?

I was a bit afraid that I would be bored because the singer has only released about 5 songs so far and we are still waiting for the album. However, I must say that this was not the case at all. The whole venue was moving to the rhythms of the unreleased tracks and we were excited to do whatever Alessandra wanted us to do. This was the last stop on The Queen of Kings tour and it was noticeable!

I was hoping that Alessandra would speak a little more, but the singer spoke only occasionally and the concert ended around ten thirty. When it comes to vocals, Alessandra can show off. I really enjoyed the concert, but it’s a shame that I didn’t see most of it. The singer promised that she will return to Dublin (probably as part of the tour for the new album) and hopefully it will be in a better venue. But I have to say that I knew all the released songs and of course hearing a Eurovision song live is always a great experience. I will go again next time!

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