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Live: How Anastacia changed my concerts' standards

This time it is a real throwback, because Anastacia’s concert took place in May 2016. I decided to share with this old experience, because those photos have never seen the light and I now have a non-existent concert life boohoo me.

If you cannot portrait me as a fan of Anastasia, you’re more or less right. In the days of her greatest glory, sometime at the beginning of the new millennium, I could not stand her. Not because of her character, but I couldn’t stand her voice and all her singles played on the radio 24/7 not to mention that she was simply driving me up the wall.

So why did I go to her concert voluntarily a decade later? 2016 was crazy, we all know that. At that time, I traveled a lot and overall had a fairly open mind approach to destinations and concerts. So when she announced her Dublin stop, I thought I could actually check her live.

I can say straight away that I’m really glad I went then. Not only did I finally really appreciated her singles, which bothered me a decade ago, but the voice. Anastacia’s voice is indescribable – from rock to high pitches. I sat the whole concert with my mouth open .. But let’s start from the beginning.

The concert took place sometime in early May at my favorite Olympia Theater (Hayley Kiyoko, Marina) and I had a ticket in the Circle right on the edge. I remember that two guys were sitting next to me and they kept standing up and leaving and coming back until they asked me if I could move two seats, so that they don’t have to disturb me.

The photo is not the best quality, but I can finally show you what it looks like at the Olympia Theater 🙂

As for the lead band, I couldn’t remember it at all until Google reminded me that it was someone called Philipp Hanna. It evoked me a blondie with a guitar. I don’t remember anything else.

I don’t remember the setlist from the concert anymore, but I know that she mixed old hits with new songs and as I mentioned, the vocals were so wow that I just didn’t get bored the whole concert.

During the concert, Anastacia changed her clothes about three or four times to divide the concert into several parts. Her mother also sang a song and in addition to the band she was accompanied during the whole concert by two dancers (they played the violin for a while) and then she sang a duet with one of her vocalists (the duet she has with Eroz – I don’t get how I still remember it).

If this is not the first concert article you read from me, then you know that I like artists who talk during the concert. The more, the better. Anastacia spoke to my delight. A lot. And not only about the songs she sang and seriously, but also quite expressively and funny. The audience felt as if everyone in the crowd was friends and one of their friend was standing on the stage.

At that time, I also recorded one song on my camera – the sound is not completely ideal, but the picture is quite good.