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Live: Dermot Kennedy in pre-Christmas Dublin

I had a very special Christmas last year – a day before Christmas Eve me and my mum went to a concert of an Irish singer songwriter Dermot Kennedy.

I’ve been keeping an eye on Dermot for over two years since Moments Passed started playing on the radio. It was quite a production on the Irish music scene back at that time.

I wanted to see him in May, but he only played at the Olympia Theater and even though it was three evenings in a row, he sold out all three of them. In the end I was glad, because it was also a Eurovision time and the year 2019 was slaying!

When he announced the pre-Christmas concert, it was clear we were going. However, the first date sold out, and so we fell on the 23rd of December. And it didn’t bother us at all, as we’ve been spending every Christmas Eve in the cinema anyway since Star Wars Episode 7, so the gig a day before Christmas won’t make any difference to us.

Dermot played in sold out 3Arena. Since the single Moments Passed, he has become really popular in Ireland. Lilla Vargen was an opening act for Dermot. At that time the name didn’t ring a bell, so I didn’t mind that we came during her set. But after a while the blonde with a guitar started playing my favorite song Why Wait and I had a surprise of the evening. I recommend listening to Lilla’s EP We Were Thunder.

Dermot seemed modest from the beginning. Ordinary guy with guitar and pure voice. No wonder at one point the whole arena turned on their mobile torches on and dedicated fans sang almost all the songs with the singer. Although I had hoped that Dermot would include one (any) Christmas song in the setlist, that didn’t happen, but the atmosphere was still pretty indescribable that evening.

My mom and I have fulfilled our another musical wishes and we left the concert excited and decided that the next time we’ll go again. If you missed Dermot or you don’t know who it is – the singer does a beautiful pop, sometimes folk pop and his latest album is called Without Fear. I would say that him and Hozier are now one of the most popular artists on Emerald Island.

At Dermot’s gig with my mum!

Dermot, like everyone else, is doing a lot of live streams on his social networks if you ever want to listen to him live before buying a ticket.

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