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Weekends on the move: a quick one to Dungarvan

I usually just pass through Dungarvan on my trips to Cork and it’s been a few years since I’ve been there. At the beginning of July, the friends decided that they wanted to visit this town.

It was the second Sunday in July, the heat was ravaging Ireland (while the island suffered, Terez had a blast) and we were on our way to the west of County Waterford. First stop was Ring, a small village near Dungarvan where my fav Dutch artist Nina Valkhoff was painting a new painting for Waterford Walls at that time. I haven’t seen Nina in three years, so it was nice to see her again 🙂

Right after that we went to the center of Dungarvan where we went for food and ice cream at one of the restaurants in the bay and the view! I legitimately felt like I was on vacation somewhere abroad. It was hot, we were sitting under an umbrella outside, people were chilling on the benches by the water and walking slowly enjoying the sun. Yeah, we don’t really get many days like that in Ireland.

After lunch we walked through the center around the castle back to where we had parked the car – by the sea view and then hooray back home: