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Alice Merton live in Dublin

A gig I was looking forward to since the moment it was announced. Alice Merton is definitely not one hit wonder and this is my subjective rant about how wonderful she is (also Alice thirteen times differently, you’re welcome).

Alice has British-German roots and she tingled our ears with a hit No Roots back in 2017. Apart from continental Europe (*cough*What Ireland?? *cough*) she managed to be heard in USA too. Good for her.

My personal history with Alice started on 11th February 2017 (yup, my damn brain remembers shit like that) in a Berlin’s cute mini club called BiNuu where she was supporting my favorite German band I Heart Sharks. It ought to be mentioned that whilst Alice’s star was rising up throughout the music charts, guys from IHS packed it up the following year. Well, we can’t have it all I guess.

At that time I was still actively creating articles on my blog about German music (a story for another time) so both, the band and Alice, has gotten their own juicy report. It wasn’t a positive one. However, it wasn’t their fault – the combination of poorly done soundcheck and first row has not left a good impression on me. Of course it wouldn’t me not knowing who Alice is but dancing like crazy on No Roots a few weeks lately. I better step up my stalker game.

The same year Alice has released an EP named after the hit single. Two years later a debut album Mint came out. For this album, Alice planned a big European and American tour (Alice has lived in USA and Canada in the past) and to my surprise Dublin made the cut. To make it clear, I was already pretty hardcore fan of Alice back then, the ticket cost less than €20 and it was in a venue I’ve never been before. The choice was obvious.

The gig took place in Whelan’s which is a nice music venue/pub. If you’ve ever seen PS: I love you then you could hear them mentioning this pub. According to Wikipedia the capacity is 400 people but I felt like no more than 200 could fit in. Maybe I just can’t count.

The support act was Irish version of Shawn Mendes – Sion Hill. Currently, Nathan lives in Berlin so that’s maybe the place he got to know Alice. I listened to Nathan before the gig but his soul pop music didn’t feel like my cup of tea. He definitely sounded much better live and I even think that he sang songs which aren’t on his Spotify.

Before I start to gush over Alice I just want to share with you the interestingly created line-up. The club doors opened at 8PM with Nathan scheduled at 8:15 but he started to play at half eight. Alice then came on stage at half nine. I really wanted to talk to her after the gig so you can imagine how nervous I was that I won’t make it before my last bus home.

One and only Alice fucking Merton

Okay, V. has seen Alice live several times and she was telling me that it’s gonna be great. But you know it – you watch LQ videos on Youtube and start to wonder whether the girl can even sing live and whether or not you were right two years ago. At least that’s what I was thinking about. The moment Alice stepped on the stage and kicked off the gig with Mint opener, Learn to Live, I immediately knew I was wrong.

Alice sounds energetic, funny and much much better live than in studio. She is also pretty talkative but I love this about artists – it gives us an insight into their thoughts. The impression Alice was giving was nice, she came across as the girl next door you want to hang out with.

If you have a feeling that all these thirteen photos of Alice Merton look alike with same (sometimes wild) colors then you’re right. I had a hell of fun during editing.

BTW Alice had a band there – three guys playing drums, bass guitar and keyboard. Unlike the gig two years ago where Alice played the keyboard herself she hired a band this time. Whelan’s is a cute venue and all but the lights weren’t the best ones, my camera didn’t particularly like the stage either and there were tall people standing in front of me. So this is an article about Alice fucking Merton. Get over it.

Alice’s setlist was short, about one hour and fifteen minutes which was a pity (the atmosphere was amazing and everyone was bummed out when it was over). On the other hand I had about one hour before I had to leave so I was hoping to talk to her. If you have never waited for your favorite artist after a gig then let me explain the most common scenarios. Some artists come in about half an hour, in fresh new clothes, ready for neverending signing and taking photos. Others take an hour or two and most of these times you are pushed outside by the club ’cause it’s being closed for the night and you end up waiting outside (of course this happens mostly during winter times). There is also another category of artists and those will never ever come to greet their fans. Alice came in less than ten minutes, in same clothes (I live for her fashion style!) and I managed to chat to her in about thirty minutes.

When I mentioned that Alice is nice and like a girl next door imagine this: Alice shook everyone’s hand and introduced herself (“Hi, I’m Alice and what’s your name?”). In my whole history of fangirling I have never ever met anyone like this. She has single-handedly in a soft manner reminded us that in the end of the day we are all just human. Oh boi, if you only knew.

Alice Merton Dublin
Mint signed by Alice. We also took a photo together but I’ve decided to keep that one for myself 🙂

If you are still wondering who is Alice Merton and why you should be interested in her then hit the play buttons below – a hit single No Roots and my personal favorite Lash Out.

If you, by any chance, read my articles you may remember her name from one of my motivational articles. I told you to remember her name. Now you know why.

And if you like Tom Odell then check Half as Good as You as it’s a duet with Alice.

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