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Jukebox: Roosevelt – a German genius in all weathers

In today’s article, I want to share with you one of the greatest musical geniuses of all time and at the same time my absolute guilty pleasure. And no, US Presidents Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt did not release a posthumous EP.

Roosevelt is a German composer, singer and musician. I don’t know why he chose a stage name after the American president. But there is no denying that this is at least easy to remember. And that besides the name there is actually something to remember!

I came across Marius during 2015, when I wrote an article about him on my blog about German music (um, about that another time). At that time he released an EP on which was also my all time favorite Night Moves. The song is just a completely different level – dark, emotional and at the same time completely chill. You can listen to it any time. As for the rest of the songs, I wasn’t interested in them then, which is funny, because they are part of his debut and today they seem absolutely brilliant to me.

Roosevelt has released three studio albums – Roosevelt, Young Romance and the latest Polydans. All three have a common retro style and a kind of groove, but at the same time they are different. It occurs to me that Roosevelt is the darkest, while Young Romance is quite sunny and Polydans is just in its 80s. Musically, of course, the lyrics are another chapter.

What I like about Roosevelt’s music is that I can play it at any time – whether I have a good day or the world is falling apart. I find that he was able to create the perfect soundtrack for any situation. His work is also suitable as great background music!

Now, at the end of February, Polydans has just released and it’s perfection again. I have to admit that I was a little afraid of the new record because of the official release, the musician managed to publish half of the tracklist and usually there is not much left on the record. Fortunately for me, this was not true in the case of Polydans and I completely fell for the See You Again track.

Otherwise, for all DC fans, if you’re watching The Flash, you’ve heard Roosevelt at the beginning of the first episode of the third season with his great dance Fever song 🙂

Give him a chance and listen to him! This song obligatorily in headphones and closed eyes: