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Weekends on the move: Avondale Viewing Tower in Wicklow

This might surprise you, but Ireland only got its first viewing tower last year. It is located in County Wicklow, just a short distance from the local mountain range. I went there with friends on the last Saturday in July (last year hihi).

Wicklow is a county made up mostly of mountains. So where else to build a viewing tower than overlooking the mountains. So, to make it clear, the mountains are not that big (sorry, Irish people), but they are still very nice and nice to look at.

We had a heatwave here last summer, but that particular day the sun wasn’t shining, it was cloudy and I even remember it was raining when we arrived. I was sorry at first because I wasn’t sure how the visibility would be, but as you can see from the photos, it worked out in the end.

There is a restaurant in the complex/park, and from it a wooden walkway, which is 23 meters above the ground, leads right to the mentioned tower. It has a souvenir shop and also a metal slide that you can slide down for a fee on the spot. The tower itself is 38 meters high.

It was the first time I was on a viewing tower, so I can’t compare, but I enjoyed it with my friends and I would definitely like to go back there again sometime, and for a change, when it’s nice, so I can compare the view 🙂