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In the footsteps of Irish Nature: county Wicklow

Some time in mid-August there was a brand new challenge awaiting me – it was the first time meeting my new friend E. which I’ve got to known via Instagram. E. lives in Dublin and knows its surroundings pretty well so she has decided that we spend the day in mountains. I was excited until I realize that that is exactly what a serial killer would say.

I’ve been following E. on Instagram for a while now and I’ve been loving her shots since the first day. Usually she posts great shots of Irish nature or parts of Dublin. I will not get into how we started to talk. The whole situation was quite unexpected but I’m glad that we have much more in common with E. than just shooting and that it all led up to our first hang out. If you don’t know E. from my Insta, this is her account.

Lots of photos from this trip can be seen on my Insta where I’ve been posting them for the past couple of days. E. took me to Glencree where we made a coffee stop and what a surprise when I learned that here in Glencree, a village in the middle of nowhere, is a cemetery for German soldiers. For you who don’t know, Ireland was neutral during WWII, Germans were coming here for holidays and they even tried to sell Guinness to Germans at one point.

I don’t exactly know the names of the other stops but most of it was literally in the middle of nowhere in Wicklow Mountains which you can tell from the photos.

Lough Tay deserves to be mentioned. The most well-known lake in Wicklow Mountains also being called Guinness lake. I didn’t find it that dark. We observed the lake from two sides – from the first one we had a better view and it wasn’t that windy. The other one, tourists’ favorite one, was absolutely mental – it was so windy that I could only snap one photo using my phone and E. had to hold me the whole time.

Wicklow Mountains are a National Park and I believe they are taking almost the whole county Wicklow. You can reach the mountains by car only. Alternatively, there is a bus departing Dublin city centre once a day to Glendalough. There is so much to see – the mountains, lakes, scenery, cemetery and nature in general. If you travel by a car I would recommend to make a stop by the sea too, in Greystones for instance – that’s a lovely place to visit.

There are no informative parts in this article, just pure photos. And since the article is out it means that E. didn’t kill me and didn’t leave my body somewhere in the mountains. Yay.

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