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Tegan and Sara live in Dublin 2017

So this was a concert I decided on just because I could. I’ve known Tegan and Sara for a while at that time, but I hadn’t really listened to them. But then I got fascinated by their studio album Love You to Death and when I saw that they were coming to Dublin, I couldn’t miss them.

It’s been four years since the concert, but certain moments just stuck in my head. Trump was elected President of the United States a few months earlier, and the girls commented on that (they are Canadian and against Trump and his ideologies) in a rather funny and hopeful way. At the same time, they were making fun of each other. I don’t even know why I still remember it, probably because I didn’t expect much from that concert and the Quin twins pleasantly surprised me.

Tegan: “My voice’s almost gone, I’ve been taking antibiotics for the past week, but luckily for me I have a sidekick here tonight – Sara!”
Sara’s face: *priceless*

The concert took place in Vicar Street (you can remember this venue from the Wallis Bird concert), my favorite venue. I had a seat (yes, I’m an old lady) in the first row upstairs – a perfect view without any obstacles! Unfortunately for me, Tegan and Sara had two opening acts – Alex Lahey and Ria Mae, and I remember that neither of them interested me (which of course is just a matter of opinion).

But Tegan and Sara were absolutely amazing – chatty in a good way (if you’ve read my other concert articles, you know I like such artists the most) and I was very sorry when the concert was over. Even though I didn’t know most of the songs at all. In 2019, they released their last studio show Hey, I’m just like you and they didn’t go to Dublin, but they played a few concerts in the UK. At the time, I thought I’d fly, but then somehow I hoped they’d return to Ireland and then Covid happened… Um, next time!