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    I got my first guitar ever!

    This year I have finally decided to let the dream come true. I bought myself a guitar. No, I don’t know how to play a guitar. That’s the whole point. To make it clear, I’ve always wanted to know how to play guitar, however I have never gotten the chance somehow. A few years ago I noticed that Lidl sells musical instruments as well, so naturally I was telling myself every year that I’ll wait for the next time they have the guitar for €50. Well, last time I said that to myself just before Christmas and they haven’t had them since then.. Plan B it is – to get…

  • ferris wheel

    Sometimes all you need is to find money. Three times. Per a month.

    This Sunday was supposed to be like any other Sunday. Except me and my friend went to see a local Harvest festival and I don’t need to get up to work tomorrow. Ha. The festival was grand, basically the same as every year – lots of food stalls, lots of people and kids (I’m suspicious that all of them arrived to Waterford just to annoy me with their overcrowded presence).  The part I’ve enjoyed the most was the farm animals corner – some horses, pigs, sheep and a cow. There was one girl who excitedly screamed “Mom! Mom, look! There is a cow! A COW!” I mean okay .. We…

  • hory v Irsku
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    What to do when you have lots of time and no friends around?

    Life is hard. We all know that. We also know that timing is usually bad. You decide to take a break in career to study and spend more time with your friends. All of this while the friends announce their own plans – outside of your town and country. God, what now? Go to the cinema. The chances are you will all by yourself in the screen and will be able to sit on those super expensive but super comfy chairs on the top. Travel. You managed to go to the cinema alone, so travelling is the next step. Plus with current technology you don’t even need a photo partner…

  • kodaline

    The Ultimate Irish Playlist

    It’s hard to believe but Irish music scene isn’t just U2, The Cranberries, Hozier and Enya. Apart from pop rock and pop folk, Irish can produce a pretty nice dance songs too. In this article I’d like to show you a sort of an ultimate Irish playlist – no matter if you’re heading here or not. Mainly I was also thinking that I keep talking about Keywest and you have no idea who they are and how they sound. All the following songs are being played on Irish radio stations, maybe some of them can be heard outside of Ireland too. Two disclaimers before we dive in:I am only showing…

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    Taylor Swift live and my first Croke Park experience

    This year one of my concert dreams finally came true – I went to see Taylor Swift live in Croke Park, which is supposed to be a third biggest stadium in Europe. I didn’t find it that big but what do I know about stadiums? Taylor played in Dublin for two nights, I had a ticket for Friday night which was the first gig. That day was totally crazy – working all morning and of course I had to decide last minute that I’ll take the earlier bus. Well, mostly because the support acts were starting very early and even tho I’m not a fan of Charli XCX and am…

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    Ahoi, Titanic!

    Apart from lots of green and Cliffs of Moher, Ireland offers a lot of interesting history too. Today I’d like to take you to Cobh, or as it used to be called – Queenstown. Sounds familiar? Yup, that’s the last Titanic stop. Cobh is a tiny village approx. 20 minutes by train from Cork. This places feeds itself through tourism, but to be quite honest I couldn’t imagine to live here as I had a feeling there is simply nothing. On the other hand if the accommodation is cheap, you can just jump on the train and be in Cork soon. A bit of history about this place – Cobh’s…

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    30 Seconds to Mars in Dublin + night shots of Dublin

    So I will have to start this article a bit differently from its Czech version because I owe you an explanation first. Basically in my country there is an online music magazine called musicserver. This magazine is read by people a lot and pretty well-known yet they keep criticizing like literally any artist – foreign or Czech. That’s why I don’t like them, it makes them look like a group of music losers. So what does this musicserver has to do with 30 Seconds to Mars? Basically the band played a gig in Prague back in April and musicserver wrote a gig review about them. I don’t read gig reviews.…

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    Vegan for a day

    It’s about two to three months I’ve decided to go diary free and to change my the things I eat – at least a bit. Instead of crisps or Milka chocolate bars, I eat vegan chocolate, bars along with vegan crackers, popcorn and ice-cream. When my bestie V. paid me a visit back in April I’d eaten mostly vegan since she’s vegan too. It’s not my current food priority but I was curious and since I’m a huge food lover I didn’t see an issue with going (nearly) vegan for a day. We spent the first day in Cork, where we stopped on a several places (which is a huge…

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    Chilling in Dublin on Saturday

    After pretty rough week I was glad for a day spent in Irish metropolis. Dublin is my favorite Irish city and that’s pretty easy considering you don’t get many cities in Ireland. However Dublin has a lots to offer, thanks God. Originally I wasn’t supposed to travel there, but after discussion with my friends I met one of them in the bus to Dublin and we traveled together to meet the third one from our gang. This one celebrated her bday a week before so we decided to make a little late celebration of our own too (hence the bday balloon). Just to give you an idea, it takes about…

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    Happy New Year with Kodaline

    Let’s travel back in time! I want to start this blog right from the beginning of the year, yup – 1.1.2018 and that means New Year’s Eve in Dublin. Normally I spend New Year’s Eve at home (no I’m not watching TV), last year, for a change, I went to a pub, where the useless pricks didn’t pour enough vodka in my juice as I was still sober after seven of those. No fun I’ll tell ye. A quick summary – I wanted to see Kodaline live for a very long time, although they’re Irish they don’t play here very often. In the end of last year I found out…